The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Japan

We will take you to the next stage. Bridge the world.

Only the total cross-cultural communication training school in Japan

IDC. International is a cross culture training company, and International Business Cross Culture Academy is certificated by International Etiquette & Protocol Academy Of London.

We are proud that we are only the one total cross-cultural communication training academy in Japan, training from the basic level to the expert level.

The knowledge of other culture and international social skills are essential for business and individual success. We are trained by  International Etiquette & Protocol Academy Of London and Japan Manners & Protocol Association.

We train individuals, corporations as well as diplomats, and trains potential trainers. We are proud to be the very first fully synthetic international skills training academy with total packages.

We have been certified in London UK and provide their exclusive contents and our original contents. We train both Japanese and foreigners depending on their requirements.


Individual Training 

  • Language : Japanese
  • Japanese culture and etiquette
  • International business etiquette
  • International social etiquette
  • International business skills
  • Trainer training 

Corporate Cross Cultural Training 

  • International business cross cultural training
  • International social etiquette
  • International business skills 
  • Japanese cultural training
  • Trainer training

Embassy Protocol Training

  • International diplomat protocol
  • Japanese protocol