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International Diversity Communication

Head of Director Mari Cecilia Murata
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Corporate Registration 

25 January 2018

Established in 2016

Nature of business

International Business

  • International Communication
  • International Etiquette(Business and Social)
  • International Protocol
  • International Cross-Culture
  • English 
  • French
  • Japanese


International Social Culture Club

The International Dance & Culture Academy of Tokyo-IDC.Tokyo

Mission Statement

Bridging the world to the bright future.

Head of Director

Mari Cecilia Murata is a Certified International Etiquette Cross-Culture Specialist. She has been certified in London in the United Kingdom as Certified International Business and Social Etiquette Consultant. She also obtains a certification of Protocol Advisor.

Together with her professional international experiences over 20 years, she discovered a new training method with cross-culture skills which improve the international communication skills and lead an unlimited potentiality to Japanese people.

She founded IDC. International Co.,Ltd. And established The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Tokyo. As a head of trainer, she trains individuals, corporations as well as diplomats, and trains potential trainers.

Our main clients are large corporations but also we train motivated individuals.  

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