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Head of Director Mari Cecilia Murata
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25 January 2018

Established in 2016

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International Business

  • International Communication
  • International Etiquette(Business and Social)
  • International Protocol
  • International Cross-Culture
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  • Japanese


International Social Culture Club

The International Dance & Culture Academy of Tokyo-IDC.Tokyo

Mission Statement

Bridging the world towards a brighter future.

Head of Director

Mari Cecilia Murata is a Certified International Etiquette Cross-Culture Specialist. She has been certified in London as a Certified International Business and Social Etiquette Consultant. She also holds a certification of Protocol Advisor.

Together with her professional international experiences of over 20 years, she has developed new training methods utilising cross-cultural skills to further improve international communication skills for Japanese corporations and individuals.

Mari founded IDC. International Co., Ltd. and established The International Cross-Culture and Protocol Academy of Tokyo. As a head trainer, she coaches individuals, corporations as well as diplomats. She also leads specialized programmes tailored for potential trainers.

Our main clients are large corporations, but we also welcome motivated individuals.  

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