村田 セシリア 真理  Mari Cecilia Murata

ICPA設立者・学院長  国際認定国際技能プロトコール専門家

Founder / Managing Director
Certified International Cross-Culture and Protocol Specialist

English/ International Cross-Culture/Etiquette/Protocol


  • 英国校認定国際社交作法講師資格(国際講師養成学科発行英国)
  • 英国校認定国際ビジネス作法・国際技能講師資格( 国際講師養成学科発行英国)
  • 英国校認定国際外交儀礼講師資格(国際講師養成学科発行英国)
  • 英語指導資格
  • 一般旅程管理資格 (一般社団法人 日本添乗サービス協会)
  • Microsoft Specialist 資格 (マイクロソフト社)
  • Diploma of International Business Tecnology (Cornerstone College Canada)
  • 日本マナープロトコール協会講師養成講座修了

実績:指導歴10年以上 英語塾講師・家庭教師・各種講義・大学講義・私立高校英語講義・企業研修・自校講義・オンライン講義



With the throughout international experiences, she has been helping Japanese people who wish to improve their international skills. As a certified international etiquette specialist, she also helps foreigners to learn Japanese culture. Her mission is to be a bridge between different cultures and support people over the world.


Anamaria Almasan – Spain


Experience in: diplomacy and corporate diplomacy; protocol; PR and strategic communication; tourism policies and strategic development of destinations; project management.

Multi-disciplinary education background (International Business, Business Communication, Law, Diplomacy, European Affairs, Security Policies, Executive Master in Business Management and Marketing at the IE Business Institute in Madrid.

  • スペインのプロトコール専門家・外交官指導員
  • 経験:外交関係に置いて、外交期間、企業の指導の経験が豊富
  • PRコミュニケーション戦略・ツーリズム規約・戦略開発・プロジェクト管理など
  • ビジネス管理、法律、外交、欧州の時事、機密事項取り扱いなど、高い技能を持ち合わす
  • 科目:スペイン中心欧米外交プロトコール オンラインから対面まで

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-15 at 00.03.14.jpegElizabeth Ahn – Korea

韓国 国際ビジネスクロスカルチャースペシャリスト

CEO of Glorize Consulting

CEO of Glorize Media

Director of Miss Grand Korea

Glorize is a combination word of ‘glory’ and suffix ‘~ize’ which is a forming verb contains the meaning of ‘make or become.’ Therefore, Glorize means we will do our best to make you and your company valuable and glorious.

As globalization has become a part of Korea’s growth, fluent English skill and international etiquette became an essential qualification for most people than ever. Glorize Consultant, exclusively certified for the first time by Minding Manners International London that is Europe’s leading accredited academy will be your best partner to enhance and polish your value to blow away the competition.

  •  2nd Degree Teacher’s license  Qualified by Seoul Hanyang University.
  • International Etiquette Specialist license   Qualified by Minding Manners School of London, England.
  • Business Protocol Specialist license   Qualified by Minding Manners School of London, England.
  • Cross-Cultural Expert license Qualified by Minding Manners School of London, England.

img_3058Anuradha Mendis – Sri Lanka







清水 慎悟 フランス語講師

  • DELF C1(フランス政府認定フランス語試験仏検1級相当)
  • フランス語検定準1級

Tola Omotola-Nigeria ナイジェリア国際企業弁護士









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